DPF Cleaning Machine


We are Supplier Of EcoDPF In Western Europe


Technical specification

overall dimensions

2700mm x 1180mm x 2300mm

cleaning cabin capacity

1980mm x 1000mm x 930mm

top load capacity

220 kg

tank capacity

330 liters


3 PH 380V/400V

rated power8 kW

compressed air requirements

7-10 Bar/ 120 liters


810 kg

materialsstainless steel  AISI 304/316
function of the machineFully automatic, dual regeneration to both sides, (inlet outlet) in a closed circulation
machine equipmentClosed circulation of the cleaning together with water filtration, variable regulation of water heating by using double heating system, drying function by variable heat airflow, testing system for the flowrate and back pressure, set of the adapters required for fast and easy filter assemby, colorued touch screen control, build-in printer to print the efficiency report, water tank with double bulkheads, safety system, selfdiagnostic/faults detection system
Additional equipmentWater recirculation system with an independent pump working in the cycle, that filters cleaning ingredient.

The main features of the machine

The cleaning flow in the V2/3 machine is cyclically supplied , to both sides of the filter ( inlet outlet)
No need to swap the filter connection sides (inlet, outlet) in the machine, during the cleaning.
It is an innovative solution on the market nowadays.

Our machine is equipped with the wide range of adapters, universal connectors and units making filter fitting in the machine safe and easy. Also the number of sets of particular adapters can be increased or modified to meet the customers’ needs.

Innovative construction of the water tank enables to easily clean it. Access through 3 revision hatches, with no need of taking the tank out of the machine. We can safely use the pressure washer if needed.

Machine features


An innovative mechanism with an universal construction based on integration of many solutions. Making regeneration/cleaning of any particular filters – a short and easy action,


In our machine V2/3 the cleaning flow is composed of a unique mixture of air, water and chemical cleaning solution. This enables to remove all the traces of particulates from the filter (ache, soot, oli-remains)


The efficiency of the V2/3 machine is verified by the rate flow and backpressure tests run before and after cleaning. The report of the results is printed and shows the efficiency of the filter after regeneration.


Our cleaner works along various programs especially designed to wash different types of filters, such as car, commercial vehicle, HGV, bus, industrial and agricultural fi ect. It means that its functionality can be improved by increasing or decreasing its working time.


V2/3 Machine is made of a high quality materials. The stainless steel AISI304, was used to build the whole frame and case of the device, as well was water tank, filter housings. Also the high volume of subassemblies are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Moreover the electric distribution board and water tank are fully separated by double stainless steel.


The water used in our product is always clean. Thanks to separate filtration pump working along with double filters. Moreover the level of water is refilled from the pipeline automatically.


Our machine is equipped with the wide range of adapters, universal connectors and units making filter fitting in the machine safe and easy.


Regeneration in the V2/3 machine regain the filter functionality, even though the service regeneration failed.


The cleaning flow is supplied cyclically to both sides of the filter. Inlet and outlet supply. There is no need to change the position of the filter during the cleaning process.


V2/3 machine meets the extremely strict environmental rules by using closed circuit along with simultaneous filtration of the cleaning flow. The circuit is ruled by two independent pumps. All the contamination generated during the regeneration is kept in the hermetic tank, so that it does not go outside the machine itself. The tank can be easily clean.


The drying process is run automatically straight after the cleaning. The V2/3 machine uses electric air heater, so the filter is dried with high temperature to reassure removal of any traces of dump.


Our cleaning device is equipped with a high class PLC Controler. It manages the whole cleaning process. It is controlled through the colourful touch screen alternately via Smartphone, Tablet (Android, iOS)


The V2/3 machine uses integrated safety systems.
So that it protects: major circuit from phase loss or its wrong order and voltage loss, water heaters by controlling the required level of water, door against an accidental opening.
Moreover the Self-diagnostic module detect the machine faults to enable fast easy faults localisation.


The V2/3 machine comes with a builds in printer, that prints the end report with the filter efficiency before and after cleaning.

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